Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have to have my blood drawn two or three days prior to my infusion. Are you getting your blood drawn the same day of your infusion? Maybe I misunderstood.

I hear you about TV--though I do watch at night. Cable has a few shows I like, but the rest is pretty much forgettable stuff. You aren't missing much!

Question: Have you ever had physical therapy? I'm thinking about looking into it for my leg issues. Now that I'm taking B-12, I have the energy to take walks. But my leg goes lame after walking three blocks.

It's so frustrating. I'm going to take my foot-drop brace out of mothballs and strap it on today, but that just keeps my foot at a 90-degree angle. Any suggestions?



  1. Good morning Kim,

    I only have my blood drawn every 3 months, not every month. That seems a little bit overboard to me, but maybe your clinic just wants to keep a closer eye on your liver function as you first start up with the Tysabri.

    I know I am not Jim, but I do have a brother named Jim, does that count for anything?!


  2. Hi, Dave,

    Yes, my monthly draw is a liver panel and CBCD.
    I'm afraid to ask them whether I can drink alcohol!

    I knocked back three cosmos last week with only a slight buzz--and no hangover! I'd love to take advantage of my new alcohol tolerance--but, maybe not a great idea huh?

    By the way, I walked ten blocks today! Strapping on the infamous leg brace made a big difference. I'm feeling SO much better now that I'm getting more exercise. My dog, Toby, is ecstatic since I always walk him on my treks to mom's house.

    Everything is looking up. The only thing that would trump this happiness is waking up one morning with a spontaneous remission. Woo-hoo!!


  3. Hello Kim,

    Last year I got an AFO for my left leg, one that is just to keep my foot up so I don't drag my toes. It braces my foot up to just below the knee. I had PT during that to ensure I could us it and to help me walk better.

    Well, I use it for a while but have no for many months. It just dose not do much for me so it is to the closet now.

    I re-started(1 week) taking a supplement that has 2880% of B-12 in it. It really gives me much more energy. I use to take it before when I was trying to stop the ms without the medical machine with it's drugs.

    The regular walking should help a lot without the PT. For me the PT helped me use the AFO and be aware of my not so good balance.

    Keep walking!


  4. Hi, Jim,

    Thanks for the advice, I've been walking every day and it's making a big difference. With the brace, I can now maintain my pace and walk the whole five blocks without slowing down. I'm happy to see my body can still respond so quickly to exercise.

    Easy to do during the warm months--now I have to figure out what to do during the winter!


  5. Hi Kim,

    Good to hear you are doing well with walking. In the bad weather months you could try a mall. a new place will have easier access than an older place. The one thing I notice is a newly built building has much better handicap features, ie no steps, wider enter and exit doors and other items.

    Be very careful, walking the dog every day will train him or her to expect it every day or even more than just once a day.


  6. Kim,

    I missed the blood draw question. When I first started Tysabri I got a blood test and a base line mri. My blood was OK, it was red so I started taking Tysabri and everbody was happy - me, the neoru and of course Bio-Gen Idec.

    Now every 3 months, I think, they take it before my infusion through the same iv needle.

  7. Hello Jim,

    Our blood is supposed to be red?? Geez, now I know why the phlebotomist always jumps when she first sees my blood!

    I guess yellow/green isn't a common color?!

    Must be all the caribou lichen I eat...