Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apitherapy, Helminthic Therapy....Psychotherapy?!

I've done some research on two of the latest alternative MS therapies, and they both involve creatures that make me go "Eek!"

The "buzz" on Apitherapy--also known as Bee Sting Therapy--is that the chemicals in a bee sting, melittin and adolapin being two of them, can ameliorate inflammation and pain in MS patients. Hmm, bee stings have always CAUSED me pain and inflammation. I think I'll pass.

Helminthic therapy involves the ingestion of hookworm into the digestive tract. Not unlike bee venom, this parasite excretes a chemical compound that quiets the autoimmune system. There is some real science behind this theory, as I have read some papers by reputable researchers in the UK. And if that doesn't impress, the CDC actually recommends that doctors not treat a mild infection here in the US, recognizing the potential benefits of having a few critters gnawing on your intestines.

It makes some kind of sense that a parasite would produce a beneficial compound that keeps its host alive and thriving. But....possible side effects are anemia (these little buggers suck blood from the walls of your gut, after all!) and a messed up bowel if you ingest too many of these bloodsuckers.

So far, I've seen no science concerning the benefits of vampirism on autoimmune diseases. Or being bitten repeatedly by a Komodo Dragon. I'll keep an eye peeled, ya never know!


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  1. Hey Hey Kim!

    Yeh, my wife keeps honey bees so I get stung on a regular basis! Always hurts some and I have never noticed any "benefit" from it. But others have, so to each their own!

    I have heard about and read a few articles on the hook worm therapy. Gee, drinking a glass of hook worms really appeals to me!

    I wouldn't want to get bit by a Komodo Dragon either! They have got a mouthful of wicked teeth and a big mouth too!

    I hope you are doing well and please let me know if you try the vampire therapy or not!