Friday, May 7, 2010

Neuro Appointment Results: Call and ReSpondylosis

Hello all,

My recent doctor visit has revealed several things.

1. Tysabri has officially caused one side effect: Herpes. Since the symptoms recurred twice within a month--after my first Ty infusion--I now have to take acyclovir every day for eternity.

2. I did some major whining about the weakness caused by 40mg of Baclofen. Doc added Flexeril for spasticity and reduced the Baclofen dosage by half. Let's hope that does the trick. If it works, I can start exercising again.

3. My lumbar MRI revealed Spondylosis, a degenerative spine disease, which has caused enlarged facet joints and three bulging discs in the lumbar and sacral spine. This has caused some confusion. My left side limbs have weakened considerably, with nonexistent reflexes in the foot and increased numbness all around. But my doc cannot tell if this is caused by the Spondylosis in L-5 or by MS. So....

4. I will be getting an EMG in left arm and leg. This should settle that question once and for all.

What did I get from all of this? A bulging disc and nerve impingement in L-5 is bad ju-ju. Doc expounded at length about that particular vertebra and the mayhem that ensues when it becomes sick. I do not recommend it. This condition can worsen over the years. The irony is that this disease could be causing me more grief than MS.

After reading up on anthropology, it seems that the modern human spine is ill-equipped for longevity. Our ability to stand upright makes for a fragile spine and pelvis. Ape and Neanderthal bones are stout and sturdy.

Maybe I could get a monkey spine transplant when the time comes for surgery?



  1. Hey hey Kim,

    If you are going for a monkey spine replacement, you might as well get the tail that could go along with it!

    I am sorry though that you have the spinal problems. Who needs that along with the MS! I am so thankful that I have had no side effects from the Tyabri. Is there any chance that your body might "outgrow" the flare ups of herpes? Only time will tell I guess.

    We are holding our MS walk today so I need to get in the kitchen and do the dishes before I leave the house!


  2. Good morning Kim,

    So are you going to get on of those prehensile tails to go along with the monkey spine?!

    You would be a real swinger then!!


  3. Hello Dave,

    Maybe a short one--otherwise, I'd get it caught in the door!


  4. Get those grippy feet!

    -- Yes, on the suggestion of one complete stranger; get those grippy feet. You may become your own room of monkeys-with-typewriters and write twice as many unbearably serious novels!

    (btw, I doubt that your novel is as dry as you seem to be trying to imply?)

    "Tysabri has officially caused one side effect: Herpes,"
    I am only on Copax, but how awful to get an STD w/o the S! Seems much more reasonable to lose bone density to steroids, or get skin cancer to increased-sun-exposure-w/o-sunscreen in order to get the next MS chemo sfter your Vitamin D was too low?

    No, not more reasonable at ALL.

    But I believe that all humans "have" herpes, just a question of where, how, etc?

    Yes, I have completely ignored the story of your back. This does not happen with MS, this does not happen with MS, this does not happen with MS.

    Chant with me and the denial spell will come true.

    -- How did it feel when it started?

    - Lorraine

    PS, really no idea how I got away with no STDs, I was a bad girl for a long time...
    I really wanted to put an apostrophe there, "STD's," but your page helped me... some "recent page" helped me.

  5. Oh, and the title of you "entire" blog is great alsoQ

  6. Hello Lorraine,

    Welcome aboard, and thank you for your comments.

    About the herpes incident: That was not my very first flareup, so its appearance was not exactly an Immaculate Conception. Three years ago, my primary flareup occurred via my partner's facial cold sore. Though it is genital herpes, it is Type I--the kind you get on your face. How it got between my legs I'll leave to your imagination.

    You're right about being lucky not to have gotten an STD. I was lucky that way too; no pregnancies, no STDs--until I turned 50 and found love again.

    Ah, the price we pay for AARP monkey sex...